Sunday, 10. November 2019

Physical Hunger, Spiritual Guilt

The Awakening of Conscience - Hunger is a great motivator, and in Genesis 42, God uses it to draw Joseph's brothers to Egypt. There, God uses Joseph to expose their spiritual guilt. Admitting their sin was the first step in transforming this dysfunctional family into a godly nation.
Scripture: Genesis 42
Sunday, 3. November 2019

From Prison to Power: When God Opens a Door

Living as a Christian in the world can feel like a fish out of water! We are aliens and strangers, but greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world! God is preparing us for service in a hostile environment, we just don't know how or when. So be ready!
Scripture: Genesis 41
Sunday, 27. October 2019

When Dreams of Freedom Don't Come True

There are many 'prisons' in life, often hidden from view. Spiritual prisons are worse than physical ones. We cry out for God to deliver us, but sometimes it seems He has forgotten us. God doesn't do that. He'll never forsake you. As you dream, never stop trusting in God!
Scripture: Genesis 40