Adult Sunday School

Sunday School Classes for Adults and High School Students
A variety of adult Sunday School classes currently meet on Sunday morning at 9 am.

Deep Dive Class, room 100, led by Robert Ambs/Pastor Phil Congdon, study on Building and Delivering Biblical Messages for Sunday School, Family  Devos, Small Groups, 5-week course.

ABC Class, room 101, led by Clarke Englund, study on Verse by verse through the Book of Luke to be followed by Acts.

Hearts for Jesus, room 109, led by Renee’ Garner, study on “Being a Spiritual Mom”.

High School Students, KidZone, led by Pastor Gary Armstrong, study on the Gospel of John.

Welcome Class  – for those new to the church – led by Pastor Phil Congdon in the Rotunda – Week 1: ‘Get to know each other’; Week 2: NBBC History/ ‘DNA’; Week 3: ‘What We Believe’ (Doctrinal Statement); Week 4: ‘Being a Local Church’ (spiritual gifts/membership).  Sundays in September, 2018.