Adult Sunday School

Sunday School Classes for Adults
A variety of adult Sunday School classes currently meet on Sunday morning at 9 am.

Hearts for Jesus – Women’s Bible Study led by Renee Garner in room 109.
A continuing class on Spiritual Maturity.

Luke & Acts  – led by Clarke Englund in room 101.
A verse by verse study of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ from the Book of Luke. In Acts we will learn about the early church and the first missionaries.

Deep Dive Class led by Robert Ambs and Daniel Mitchell in room 100.
Growing in Discipleship class will teach you how to share the gospel to others!

Light vs Dark – Topical Study on Spiritual Warfare –   High School Students –Led by Pastor Gary Armstrong in the KidZone.
12-week series on spiritual warfare.  6 weeks study of the dark side; how Satan and his forces work.  6 weeks study of God’s side; how the Spirit and Angelic beings work.

Welcome Class  – for those new to the church – led by Pastor Phil Congdon in the Rotunda – Week 1: ‘Get to know each other’; Week 2: NBBC History/ ‘DNA’; Week 3: ‘What We Believe’ (Doctrinal Statement); Week 4: ‘Being a Local Church’ (spiritual gifts/membership).  Sundays in April.