Prayer was important to Jesus. He spent time in prayer, exhorted His disciples to pray, and taught about prayer. Prayer is important to us too. This summer we’ll focus on Jesus’ prayer in the Sermon on the Mount – The Lord’s Prayer, but really a disciple’s prayer. But first let’s hear Jesus’ do’s and don’ts for when you pray.
It may seem crazy, but the best investment a Christian can make by far is to give of time, talent, and treasure to the Lord. To be a giver reflects the heart of Christ. Where your treasure is, there your heart is. Have you made a conscious decision to give to the Lord?
Grace is at the heart of Christianity, yet too often it is missing from our Christian experience. Satan misrepresents and cheapens grace, and many believers have lost hold of it. But if you make a decision to choose grace, your life will be a shining witness for Christ.
Whether we realize it or not, we all make spiritual decisions in life, and what we decide makes a big difference. This month at NBBC, we'll focus on four decisions that can change the trajectory of our lives. The most critical of all is making a decision for Christ.
After Jesus' resurrection, He was on earth for almost six weeks. He taught of His kingdom and told followers to stay in Jerusalem till the Holy Spirit came. Then He ascended up into the clouds, out of their sight. Is this important? Yes! What does the ascension teach us?
If Friday was God's 'D-Day' in the war against sin, Sunday was His 'V-Day' - victory over sin and death. 'Resurrection Day' was a day like no other before or since, and no one who knows the joy of what it achieved ever tires of hearing about it. Let's revisit it today.
Darkness falls, beginning a very dark day. Passover points back to a historic event in Israel's history, but tonight it will become a symbol of deliverance for all mankind. Israel's Messiah is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world! His words on the cross show it.
With His death approaching, Jesus condemned the Jews, prophesied coming tribulation, and His triumphant return to earth. He foretold His crucifixion, and Judas secretly arranged with Jewish leaders to betray Him. Jesus sent His disciples to prepare for the Passover...