Give an account for the hope in you 1 Pet 3:15

Are you ready to give an account for the hope that is in you? (1 Peter 3:15)

Sharing the gospel with others is one of the key joys and responsibilities of the Christian faith. However, many people are uncomfortable or uncertain about what to do. GID stands for Growing In Discipleship. At New Braunfels Bible Church, we want to help you grow in discipleship and we offer support and training for this growth.

  1. Attend a class to learn solidify your beliefs, and share them with others. Sunday mornings 9-10am Details
  2. Lead or attend a chronological Bible study that helps put the pieces of the puzzle together.


  1. Bussey’s Flea Market – join a team from the church at Bussey’s each month to share the gospel. Register
  2. NB Swap Meet – partner with a team and talk with others about God’s truths. April 19, 20
  3. Comal County Fair – work with a team all week long once a year at the Comal County Fair to administer ‘The Survey’. Register
  4. Not ready to talk with others, but still want to support this effort? Provide water bottles and snacks for the team.

Contact Robert Ambs for more information.

Lord, help us to shine brighter as the days get darker…Phil 2:15