Josh Harris has been in the news in recent weeks, and it isn’t good. The author of the controversial Christian bestseller I Kissed Dating Goodbye, and the impetus behind a youth ‘purity movement’ twenty years ago, announced first that he and his wife, Shannon, parents of four children, were ending their marriage. Then, in an

I spent an hour on the phone today listening to a salesman peddling his wares – nothing bad; actually, he was offering us (the church) a deal on a dozen or more Christian video series on marriage, family, fathering, grief, finances, and other important topics. The videos are well-made, biblical, and applicable. In this cyber-age,

Phil Congdon, NBBC, October 4, 2017 This month we commence the second stage of our study through Genesis, the story of Yahweh and His dealings with Abraham. This fourteen-chapter narrative begins in Ur, a pagan city, and ends in Canaan, a land which God promises to Abram and his descendants. This begins a series of

Phil Congdon, New Braunfels Bible Church, February 2, 2017 From February through May this year, we’re exploring the first eleven chapters of Genesis, God’s revelation of Himself in creation and the events which followed.  Today, many view Genesis 1-11 as myths – religious stories with little or no real historical truth.  We do not.  The