Planned Parenthood and Moral Confusion

Phil Congdon, New Braunfels Bible Church, December 2, 2015

Last week a man went on a shooting rampage at a Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado, killing three and wounding nine.  According to early reports, the gunman, Robert Dear, evidently told investigators “no more baby parts” after his arrest – possibly a reference to recent videos which show PP personnel marketing parts of aborted unborn children.  If Dear did have a “pro-life” agenda, he has a screwed-up way of showing it.

Planned ParenthoodIn addition to the predictable ‘we need more gun control’ mantra that incessantly follows these shootings (usually committed by people who own guns illegally), we are now being forced to listen to the PC crowd ‘polish the halos’ of Planned Parenthood – the victims of this attack.  I deplore the loss of life at the PP clinic last week, but it’s time to stop hiding the truth.  Yes, there were three killed at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood facility last week, but there are far more killed every week at PP clinics across this nation.  It’s time to stop pretending PP exists for any purpose except to take human life.  It’s time to admit PP is primarily engaged in killing unborn babies, and marketing their bodies.

A 2012 report released by PP revealed that the organization exceeded all its previous targets by performing 333,964 abortions that year.  The average abortion performed by PP in the first trimester costs $470.  The math isn’t difficult: That’s nearly $157 million dollars – roughly half the amount generated by all its activities.

Ask ‘the man on the street,’ and you’ll get a very different view.  Recent research found that 60% of those surveyed wrongly believed that PP provides education for new and expectant parents.  37% wrongly thought PP provided counseling for parents interested in adoption.  And only 36% even knew that PP performs abortions – even though it performs more than any other organization in America.

Baby lifePP likes to announce that they tell girls, “If you are pregnant, you have three options to think about – abortion, adoption, and parenting.”  But if you want help with the second or third of these options, don’t ask PP.  Former PP clinic directors and staff have testified that any attempt to promote anything but abortion is denied.

So what we witnessed last week was a lunatic committing the crime of murder at a clinic that exists to legally make millions of dollars by killing unborn babies (and as we learned recently, sell their bodies for profit).  Does anyone still wonder why we are seeing a generation now come into adulthood who are defined by moral confusion?

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  1. Dave Hindman

    Pastor Phil – Well written. Well said. Thank you for this post. I hope to meet you in person soon. My wife and I have just moved from Denver to New Braunfels this week. Thanks. Dave

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