Sunday, 16. February 2020

End of an Era, but the Promise Lives On

Scripture says that 'it is appointed unto men once to die' - but how we die, and how we face death, reflects the reality of our faith. The final scenes in Genesis recount the deaths of Jacob and Joseph, and demonstrate their faith in God and His promises, at the end of life.
Scripture: Genesis 49:29-50:26
Sunday, 2. February 2020

Faith Learns the Ways of God

Aren't you glad God is patient? We are fickle, and often fail, but He is faithful! Jacob fought with God for much of his life, but God never gave up on him, and in his last days, God won his heart. He showed he had learned to trust God - a life lesson we all need to learn.
Scripture: Genesis 47:28-48:22
Sunday, 26. January 2020

Practical Wisdom of a Man of God

While God's plan cannot be thwarted by the sinful actions of men, it is magnified when combined with the wise leadership of godly men. Joseph is 'Exhibit A' of this truth, both with his family, and with the Egyptians. Happy is the man who finds wisdom (Proverbs 3:13)!
Scripture: Genesis 46:31-47:27
Sunday, 19. January 2020

Moving Time! Stepping Out in Faith

God keeps His word!   He told Abraham his descendants would go to a foreign land, and now they are traveling to Egypt. On the way, He reminds Jacob that He will make them a great nation, but little could Jacob have known then how! God's providential power is on display.
Scripture: Genesis 45:16-46:30
Sunday, 12. January 2020

Sovereignty and Forgiveness

The tension that has been building since Joseph's brothers first came to Egypt is released as he reveals who he is! They are frightened, but need not be: Joseph sees God's sovereign hand at work, preserving a nation, and restoring a family. This is what God can do!
Scripture: Genesis 45:1-15
Sunday, 10. November 2019

Physical Hunger, Spiritual Guilt

The Awakening of Conscience - Hunger is a great motivator, and in Genesis 42, God uses it to draw Joseph's brothers to Egypt. There, God uses Joseph to expose their spiritual guilt. Admitting their sin was the first step in transforming this dysfunctional family into a godly nation.
Scripture: Genesis 42