One thought on “Abortion and the Gospel

  1. You do know that your views on abortion, which I totally agree with, are considered very extreme these days. I’m ok with that and I’m sure you are too. We are considered to be anti women’s rights, amongst other things. The question becomes, What about rape and incest. My answer is that the baby is innocent, and does not deserve the death penalty. It is quite often a conversation stopper, and I only hope they think it through. Many woman I know that have had an abortion deeply regrets it, and many spend a good deal of their lives trying to deal with it. Some have come through it stronger, and have dedicated their lives to keeping other women from making the same mistake.

    The Gosnell movie is well worth seeing. It does not deal a whole lot with God, but it does show the horror of abortion, and how people that are involved with it become very calloused. Gosnell’s line after he was arrested was, “this is what you get for trying to help people out”. It just made you want to grab him and say, What!! Are you kidding me!

    The verse in Romans that said professing to be wise, they become fools, fits real well. In this case, professing to be compassionate to women’s rights has made them discomppasionate. (I don’t even know if that is a word, but it is now). Thinking you are helping women by doing this is truly the work of Satan.

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